A release of the Spontaneous Movement of Afghan Women (SMAW), October 25

Arrests and torture of women by the Taliban continue

There is still no news about the fate of Ms. Julia Parsi and Ms. Neda Parwani during the past month, when the news of the arrest of Ms. Manizha Sediqi was confirmed. Ms.Manizha Sediqi disappeared from the Karte Naw district of Kabul on October 9, 2023. Due to security threats in the past fifteen days, his family did not want to make the issue of Manizha’s disappearance public. They searched everywhere for her, but did not get any information about her.

Finally, on October 24, her family found out that she was kidnapped by the Taliban intelligence. But they still don’t know in which prison or detention center of the Taliban, Manizha is kept and whether she is alive or not?

Ms. Manizha Sediqi was one of the women protestors in Kabul who fought for the rights and freedom of Afghan women against the misogynist Taliban regime and was always active in street protests.

“The protesting women said that these arrests were carried out by the intelligence of the Taliban administration. Therefore, the spokespersons of this group refused to comment on this matter and do not share any information with the media… After retaking power in Afghanistan in the middle of August 2021, the Taliban have arrested a number of their journalists and critics. Sources have repeatedly told DW that the Taliban arrest women protesters with the aim of disbanding women’s protest movements and silencing their voices. (Deutsche Welle (DW), October 24, 2023)

The Spontaneous Movement of Afghan Women strongly condemns this series of arrests and abduction of protesting women by the Taliban and demands the immediate release of all imprisoned women. The international community and major human rights organizations should not continue to watch the imprisonment, torture and killing of protesting Afghan women by the medieval regime of the Taliban. The cruel actions of the Taliban against women should be prevented by all means. We should make efforts for the release of imprisoned women and lobby for the granting of immediate asylum to women under the threat of the Taliban.

Spontaneous Movement of Afghan Women (SMAW)

October 25, 2023; Kabul, Afghanistan

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For unconditional asylum for threatened women activists and for financial support for the organization of women’s “protection houses” and clandestine schools for girls in Afghanistan.

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