Suspend the return of the Taliban delegation to Afghanistan

The Spontaneous Movement of Afghan Women (SMAW) asks all women’s rights organizations and human rights activists and people who believe in freedom and justice to send letters of protest to the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the parliament  and  embassies. The protesting initiatives should denounce the Norwegian government for inviting the Taliban delegation to the Oslo Freedom Forum  13-15 June 2023 held in Oslo.

The Spontaneous Movement of Afghan Women requests all its friends to stand by our side in the difficult struggle to defend the rights of deprived and oppressed women of Afghanistan and to firmly support the following demands:

1) As long as the Islamic Emirate of the Taliban in Afghanistan has not released all female protesting prisoners from their official and private prisons, the Taliban delegation that is currently staying in Norway should not be allowed to return to Kabul.

2) The Norwegian government and other countries that claim to defend human rights and women’s rights should not sacrifice the rights and demands of Afghan women for their political expediency and strategic goals.

3) In the future, no country should unconditionally host a delegation of the misogynistic Taliban group

4) Financial aid to the Taliban government under the pretext of humanitarian aid should be stopped immediately.

5) The United Nations report of June 15, 2023 regarding the catastrophic situation of human rights and the torture and oppression of women by the Taliban should be followed up separately and the Taliban should be held accountable.

6) Protection and urgent asylum should be provided to protesting women under the threat and persecution of the Taliban

Spontaneous Movement of Afghan women

June 16, 2023

Kabul, Afghanistan

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