An Afghan woman’s protest in front of the Norwegian Foreign Ministry

Press release no. 7 – 23 June 2023

On June 13, 2023, Meena Rafiq, a women’s rights activist, went on strike in front of the Norwegian Foreign Ministry in protest against the invitation and participation of the Taliban delegation to the three-day Oslo Freedom Forum. This women’s rights activist says that the Norwegian government gives concessions to the Taliban regardless of the anti-feminist policy of the Taliban in Afghanistan, and paves the way for the recognition of their government.

In the past, the Norwegian government invited Anas Haqqani and other senior Taliban leaders who are accused of war crimes to Oslo, and negotiated with them. This approach of appeasement with the Taliban by the Norwegian government proves that the claim of defending human rights and women’s rights is a lie.

After Meena Rafiq’s protest, more than seven Afghan organizations based in Norway, condemned the Norwegian government’s hosting of the Taliban, calling this support for terrorism.

The Spontaneous Movement of Afghan Women, which is the only independent voice of deprived women in Afghanistan, had announced its objection to this conference in its press release. The SMAW asked all the organizations and figures defending women’s rights to demand the Norwegian government to prevent the return of the Taliban delegation until the release of all protesting women imprisoned in official and private Taliban jails or detention centers.

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