Women’s protests getting the sympathy of families and men

After the Taliban brutally suppressed women’s protests in the streets and imprisoned the protesters, the women never retreated and their struggle continues. This struggle has not only been reduced in the form of mass presence in the street, but has spread within each family and has also gained the support of the men of the families. Sayed Akram, a resident of Kabul, who has three young daughters, is worried about his daughters’ education and future. He supports the struggle of his three daughters for the reopening of girls’ schools and universities.

Ruhollah from Nangarhar Province, who lost both his eyesight in the war, is worried about his family’s economic problems. He says that his wife was working in one of the foreign institutions and she was the only breadwinner in the family of ten people. After the Taliban banned women from working in domestic and foreign institutions, she lost her job and currently has no other income to support her family. He asks men and youth to support women’s protests for bread, work, education and freedom.

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