The demands of Afghan women are becoming more radical

Afghan women’s protests began in Kabul and other Afghan cities at the same time as the Taliban came to power in August 2021. From the beginning, these protests were accompanied by the slogan “bread, work, freedom”. The spontaneous movement of Afghan women never left the battlefield due to the fear of being beaten, arrested, tortured and imprisoned by the Taliban and they continue to fight for their denied rights.

Although some women affiliated with  the “National Resistance Front” under the leadership of former warlords and human rights violators, as well as some famous women who held high positions in Ashraf Ghani’s government, tried to sabotage the protest of brave women. They attempted to sell Afghan women in compromise and deal with the Taliban and Taliban supporters to get their share in the Taliban government under the so-called inclusive government. But the women and girls of Afghanistan are now fully alert and have the experience not to fall prey to the deception of the open and secret deals of the Taliban and resistance fighters affiliated with warmonger countries.

The spontaneous movement of Afghan women not only fights for “bread, right to work, education and freedom” for women, but also believes that in the presence of the Taliban government or the so-called comprehensive government consisting of the Taliban, former warlords and corrupt officials in Ashraf and Karzai government, it is impossible to provide women’s rights and freedom and social welfare. Therefore, the women and people of Afghanistan neither accept the Taliban government nor want the return of the corrupt officials of the previous government. Afghan women are in favor of the immediate overthrow of the Taliban government and the establishment of a democratic and secular government.

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