The appearance of women in the city without a Mahram (1) is forbidden

The Taliban are making the space for women in Afghanistan more and more limited with each passing day. Ahmad Shah Dinparast, the Taliban governor in Ghor province, has ordered the police not to let women roam around the city without a Mahram. After the Taliban prevented girls from going to school and university, from parks and public baths, and from working in government institutions and non-govermental organizations, now they tend to prevent even women from going to the doctor and receiving treatment, buying their daily necessities in the local market.

The governor of the Taliban emphasizes that to leave the house, it is not enough for women to wear full hijab, they must also be accompanied by an adult Mahram man. If young girls and women violate this order of the Taliban, the religious police of the Taliban will beat and punish not only the woman or girl, but also the male members of her family.

Following the implementation of the anti-women decree of the Taliban, Ghor province has taken on a completely masculine face and no women are seen in the city or outside the house. This means that the Taliban have imprisoned women and girls in their homes with this order.

On the other hand, after the rule of the Taliban in Afghanistan, the situation of women’s human rights has worsened and domestic violence, marriages with underage girls, forced marriages, polygamy of Taliban people and finally women’s suicide have reached their peak.


(1) Mahram: a man who is related to the woman but whom she cannot marry. She is placed under his authority.

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