Campaign: from house to street to overthrow the Taliban

These days, protesting women in some provinces of Afghanistan have launched a protest campaign called “from house to street to overthrow the Taliban” against the despotic and misogynist regime of the Taliban. Due to the brutal repression of the Taliban, they are forced to share their voices with mass media and people in different ways. They make short video clips with their faces covered, writing some of their slogans and demands on flipcharts and reading:

  • I was a student. But because I am a woman, I am not allowed to go to university.
  • I am a journalist, but I do not have the right to freedom of expression
  • I was an employee in an NGOs, but I am not allowed to work.
  • The Taliban have imprisoned us in our homes because we are women. But we will not give up.
  • Death to the misogynistic dictator
  • From the house to the street to overthrow the Taliban

One of the protesting women says that she not only as a woman but also as an Afghan citizen wants the Taliban regime to be overthrown. She states that she never like to study, work or live under the umbrella of the Taliban government.

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