The International Committee to Defend Afghan Women was formed by…


BELGIUM; AIME Emilie,teacher; DARMONT Eléonore, student; K. Olga, social worker.

BENIN: GNONLONFOUN Liliane, trade unionist.

CHILE: LAPERTE Marcela, Independent Movement for the Rights of the People (MIDP) ;

FRANCE: KEISER Christel, POID national secretary; BAHLOUL Maïa, student, FJR (Federation of Young Revolutionaries); TIZZI Djemilla, trade unionist and POID member; MAS Nicole, member of the POID national bureau; ADOUE Camille, student, FJR member; LISCOËT Catherine, retired, member of the POID national bureau; DUPUY Martine, national secretary of the POID; MICHAUD Isabelle, CGT trade unionist; TEMPEREAU Lucile, young worker and POID member; SAUVAGE Jeanne, professor and researcher; FAURY Stéphanie, CGT-union officer at the Nemours hospital, South 77 Hospital Centre; ROUDIL Isabelle, trade union officer in social work; CORBEX Pascal, trade union officer in social work; FAUCHEUX Patrice, trade unionist; ANANOU Sarah ; ANDERSON Amy; THRONE Stella.

GERMANY: ALBERT Lara, member of Die Linke, IG Metall trade unionist; SCHADE Vera, member of Die Linke.

HAÏTI: THELOT Myrlène, Haïti Liberté.

HUNGARY: SOMI Judit, working-class activist.

ITALY: GRILLI Monica, teacher, delegate and trade union leader; PANTELLA Agata, teache.


MEXICO: DIAZ CRUZ Maria de Lourdes, Moviemento Nacional por la transformacion Petrolera; ORTEGA Marisela, Political Institute of political education of MORENA; PLUMEDA Liliana Aguilar, Internationalist Communist League; SUAREZ Lidia, Professor National Teachers University.

PAKISTAN: JAMIL Rubina, All Pakistan Trade Union Federation.

PHILIPPINES: MIRANDA Judy Ann, Workers’ Party (PM).

ROMANIA: CRETAN Marioara, League of Romanian Workers.

SPANISH STATE: MARTIN Reme, retired, working- class activist.

UNITED STATES: BACCHUS Natalia, assistant to the President, Baltimore Teachers Union (Maryland)*; BROWN Diamonte,President, Baltimore Teachers Union (AFT, AFL-CIO) (Maryland)*; KHONSARI Niloufar, lawyer and immgrant workers’ rights activist; KNOX Lisa, lawyer and immgrant workers’ rights activist; ROJAS Désirée, President of the Sacramento Chapter of the Labor Council for Latin American Advancement (AFL-CIO)*; SHONE Mya, Socialist Organizer.

*Personal capacity.

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